Sunday, 30 December 2012

Gomel in December: Snowland

One of Belarusian sites recently held a contest for the best photos. Gomel resident was the winner of this contest. In this post you will see through the eyes of Michael Guth and dogs_by (authors these photos).

For the first two weeks of December Gomel filled up with snow and the city began to look especially beautiful. I propose to make with me a little walk through the snow-covered parks in Gomel and admire the beauty.


  1. Lovely are so lucky that you get to see snow every year.The part of India where I stay does not get snow in the winters,so to see snow we need to go near the Himalayan ranges which is some 2000 Kms.

  2. gorgeous photos! im heading to belarus (maybe gomel...but most likely not) in march :) makes me excited!