Monday, 17 December 2012

Winter came to Halch

I told you that the teachers had to walk through the village and look at the condition of houses and fences. I took a lot of pictures in those days. And I do not want to bore you with my problems.

These days the weather was cloudy, the sky was covered with leaden clouds. Snow has been falling for several days.

In the pictures you will see will see ordinary Belarusian village. There are so many such settlements in Eastern Europe and Russia. I wanted to show how looks Belarusian nature in winter. It is not always pretty, but always cold. ))

All photos were taken immediately after the long snow. On the way, it was very hard to walk because the snow was soft. If the car drove down the street, the road became very slippery. In one photo, you will see the teachers (they accidentally hit the picture, I did not photograph them.) All photos were taken on one street - School Street in the  Halch village (we photographed different houses and fences on this street).


  1. This same landscapes we had in last week in my city, especially in suburbs :) Beautiful, but I know, that winter is difficult time in general, especially for disabled or elder people.
    Today we have +6 degrees and no snow.
    Greetings from gray Cracow!:)