Thursday, 28 February 2013

Business Insider: Belarus is the fourth country in the world in poverty

Belarus took fourth place in the list of the top 25 poorest countries in the world. The drafters' Poverty Index 2013 "report this. "Index" includes 197 countries.

Business Insider U.S. company made the "Index" on the methodology known economist Arthur Orkuma. Rating of the country it is obtained by adding up the scores of inflation and unemployment. Consequently, the highest rating of the state means a poor life of its inhabitants, reported.

Zimbabwe, he first took place in the index, its index of over a hundred - 103.3 (8.3% inflation and 95% unemployment). Two more African countries are in the top three of the pen - Liberia, 90.5 points (5.5% inflation and 85% unemployment rate), and Burkina Faso, 81.5 (4.5% + 77%).

Belarus takes the 4th place with 71 points (70% inflation and 1% unemployment). Turkmenistan was left a half a point from Belarus - 70.5 points (10.5% + 60%).

The top ten is as Djibouti, from 63.3 points (4.3% +59%), Namibia (57, 5.8% + 51.2%), Nepal (54.3, 8.3% + 43.5 %), Kosovo (53.6, 8.3% + 43.5%) and Syria (51.7, 33.7% +18%).

None of the neighboring countries of Belarus failed to make the top-25 index.

This shows the current level of living in Belarus: We are very poor but proud (( We will never recognize our poverty and we will show our neighbors miserable remains of welfare.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stork is a symbol of Belarus

Belarusian people are very fond of storks. Many folk legends associated with these birds. Storks are holy birds for Belarus.

One legend tells such an interesting story.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Banknotes in 10 and 20 rubles are withdrawn from circulation

On March 1, the Belarusians will say "goodbye" to the banknotes 10 and 20 rubles. These bills will no longer be accepted for payment. They can only be exchanged at the bank.

Remember, these banknotes in 2 days will be only history.

Want to know how to change the Belarusian money? You can find out HERE.

I'm back!

My dear readers! I apologize for my absence in the blog for a long time. My real life the last two months has been very eventful. During this time I have collected a lot of interesting stuff, and I'm starting to write again to the blog.