Thursday, 28 February 2013

Business Insider: Belarus is the fourth country in the world in poverty

Belarus took fourth place in the list of the top 25 poorest countries in the world. The drafters' Poverty Index 2013 "report this. "Index" includes 197 countries.

Business Insider U.S. company made the "Index" on the methodology known economist Arthur Orkuma. Rating of the country it is obtained by adding up the scores of inflation and unemployment. Consequently, the highest rating of the state means a poor life of its inhabitants, reported.

Zimbabwe, he first took place in the index, its index of over a hundred - 103.3 (8.3% inflation and 95% unemployment). Two more African countries are in the top three of the pen - Liberia, 90.5 points (5.5% inflation and 85% unemployment rate), and Burkina Faso, 81.5 (4.5% + 77%).

Belarus takes the 4th place with 71 points (70% inflation and 1% unemployment). Turkmenistan was left a half a point from Belarus - 70.5 points (10.5% + 60%).

The top ten is as Djibouti, from 63.3 points (4.3% +59%), Namibia (57, 5.8% + 51.2%), Nepal (54.3, 8.3% + 43.5 %), Kosovo (53.6, 8.3% + 43.5%) and Syria (51.7, 33.7% +18%).

None of the neighboring countries of Belarus failed to make the top-25 index.

This shows the current level of living in Belarus: We are very poor but proud (( We will never recognize our poverty and we will show our neighbors miserable remains of welfare.


  1. And where is Poland - with officially 13% of unemployment (but unofficially not 13% but... 33)?
    I see how much economical crisis touched poorest families in my city. There is a lot of literally hungry children, but government makes nothing with that.
    And - what is the worst - people see increasing chasm between the richest and the poorest. And it makes them angry. Greetings for You :)

    1. And our government is saying that the people to blame for the problems. Prices are rising constantly. In January, twice raised the charge for internet and communication, and from tomorrow a lot of goods will become more expensive. And we live ... Maybe all right?

  2. I did not know that Belarus is that poor. I always thought it was much better than that. Yes, what you said is true - pride is worth more than money! And happiness and worth has nothing to do with money. I will put Belarus as one country I would want to visit some day. Among the top ten, I've only visited Nepal. I cannot imagine how it is like living with 70% inflation!

  3. That is misleading and not quite true. This report is actually dubbed "misery index", which not the same as poverty index. It reflects emotional turmoil people experience during hard economic times, but it has very little to do with poverty rates.

  4. You are one of the richest nations in Europe, the index of inflation together with unemployment rate is not a povetry index. Belarus has one of the lowest per capita debt in the world, this mean that the rich people who you suppose to think about Europeans are not so rich because in their income is not count the debts...greece for example has 33000 EUR debt per person, similar amounts is for all "developed" countries which finally in the meaning of reality are "undeveloped". USA has 9 Trillion dollar debt, a number that you can even imagine how big it is, Germant 2 trillion dollars and UK 1 trillion...Belarus has its own state companies which belong to Belarussians, which other European country has its own metro, airport, roads, electricity, water public??? none of them. They enter Lithuania, Poland to EU they privatizate all public sectors, they gave them loans to build new roads, airports etc but the loans returned back to the same people the EU corporations which apart EU. So Lithuanian they have not very nice modern buses, airport, roads but are not belong to them, its private properties which belong to some companies....

    Fortunatelly you have Lukashenko which have undertand all these and try fighting about the oligarchy which they want to install here a puppet goverment which will follow the orders of Germany....enought we have seens from Germans when they take power what they can done.

    Viva Belarus!

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