Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stork is a symbol of Belarus

Belarusian people are very fond of storks. Many folk legends associated with these birds. Storks are holy birds for Belarus.

One legend tells such an interesting story.
Previously, Stork was a human. God gave him a bag of snakes and ordered to throw it into a pit. But man think that gold is hidden in a bag, and untied it. Snake crawled and hid. God then turned the man into a stork, and ordered to collect snakes across the land. Since storks roam the swamps and collect reptiles.

We believe that storks settle only for good people. If the stork made a nest on the roof of the house, the inhabitants of this house will live happily ever after. Therefore, people are helping to equip storks nest. They put a wooden wheel on the roof or on a tall tree. Stork arrives and creates a socket on this wheel. 

A good sign we have in our country. Storks fly back to Belarus in the spring. The man who sees the first flying stork, will be happy the whole year. If a person is hurt stork, then other people will punish him. If a man killed a stork, he would bring misfortune to his entire clan.
Stork's nest on Belarusian  building in  Brest. Photos of the early 20th century.
People are very fond of storks. It really is a sacred bird for the Belarusians.


  1. Storks are also symbol of Polish village. Unfortunately they became rare and rare, because of increasing pollution. Greetings for You :)

    1. Many storks live in Belarus. I was in Brest last summer and saw some storks in a city park. They are free to walk the alleys, and city residents fed birds. Everyone loves storks. And yes, I know that storks live in Poland. And in Ukraine, and in Russia too. I'm sorry I forgot to mention it in the post.

  2. Dear Migalayte, Thank you for sending me the lyrics to the song. It is sad and beautiful and yes there is a similarity to the theme of what I wrote. If you've have the link to a YouTube (if there is one), appreciate if you can send it to me. Would like to hear it. :)
    Many storks flew to Malaysia during the winter months in the North but I've not seen storks like the one in the pictures so it is probably not from Belarus. :)

    1. I send the link to the song "Wings". Sorry, that is not immediately sent the song: my real life is very eventful now.

    2. And the lyricsкрылья-wings.html

  3. The stork's photo was stolen from this page of my blog
    Now I put it away. And in its place will be the image of the minus in the circle - stop sign.
    Каб жыць у шчасцi, трэба красці і красцi