Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring in Belarus: snow, ice, strong winds ...

Hurricane Javier left Belarus. We were delighted and began to wait for spring to come. But we were wrong.Blizzard began yesterday. I went home. Wind increased, the snow began to fall, it was cold. Land became white in a few minutes. At night I could hear the windshield wipers to clear snow.

I drank tea and looked out the window. I saw a woman, she was clearing snow in the strong gusts of wind.
The work was in vain: the wind returned back snow, throwing it into the woman's face.

I found it difficult to get to work: all the roads were covered with snow. But the hardest part was yet to come. I have reached to the village, got off the bus and bent by a strong wind. He ripped off my hood, threw prickly snow in his face. It was very hard to go under counter wind. It seemed that the village had died, I did not meet anyone.

Later I went with colleagues at the bus stop. We called the bus station to see if the bus comes. Sweet girl assured us that transport is excellent. We stood at the bus stop for more than forty minutes. No bus had passed by us. My colleague called to the bus station again. The same sweet girl reported that the bus broke down.
But heaven heard us: in five minutes a small bus pulled up beside us.  A young man offered to drive us to Gomel. We offered money, but the man  refused. He took us to the  center of Gomel. He said that a week ago he was in Minsk. He was in the center of the hurricane, his car broke down. Unknown girl ride it all the way home. He did not know her name, did not know how to thank her. Seeing us, freezing at the bus stop, he realized that he could repay the stranger.

Now I'm at home, I drink hot tea and remember our savior. I do not know his name, but I remember this man.


  1. We also have winter now. Actually in Cracow is -7 degrees, but we will have -16 tonight.

  2. Great story. It is so important to be kind to others.

    1. At such moments you really believe that the world is made up of good people. Maybe a guardian angel walks beside you.