Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Belorussian spring ritual song

I suggest you watch the video of the Belarusian folk song "Zara maja zaranachka". The recording was made in the village Kanchany, Vitebsk region in 2009. You'll hear real Belarusian songs - only women's voices, no musical instruments or arrangements. That is exactly sing folk songs, isn't it?

Panorama of floods in Gomel park

Residents of Gomel hurrying to enter an unprecedented flood in the history of the city. I have already said that I had seen  many people with cameras in the park. Indeed, such an event does not happen every year. People say that the water does not rise so high for the past 40 years. It is therefore understandable why people are interested in high water. This is not a national disaster: some estates float annually.

The guys from the site 3dpano.by did an excellent panorama of the waterfront Gomel Park. I invite you to visit Gomel look at the flood.

If you click on the photo below, you will enter the site with the  panorama. You can look at the flood from two places: on the pedestrian bridge or embankment. I wish you a successful walk in Gomel Park!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Grodno Timelapse

Welcome to Grodno! It is a city in western Belarus. I was in Grodno very long time, but this summer I plan to visit this beautiful Belarusian town again. Now I invite you to watch the video, created by Vitaly Karpovich.

Flooding in Halch

Of course, the Sozh poured not only in Gomel. I work in a village 12 km north of the city. For several days I have been watching from the window of the bus, as river water entering new territory. I tried to take pictures, but they are blurry because the bus did not stop. But on Saturday, my colleagues and I went to look at the spill of Sozh. 

Our school is on a hill and and a magnificent view of Vetka is open from the high bank of the Sozh. We saw that after the whole floodplain went under the water, the forests are in the water too.

I will not tell much. Let the photos tell all for me.

Large water has come to Gomel 2

Gomel is looking increasingly like Venice. The water came to the end of my street 2 days ago. Now people go through the streets on boats. I could not take pictures of flooded streets, because I did not get to them)) I will post pictures from other websites Gomel. Brave photographers roamed the water, swam to the boat for the best shots. Great photos are the result of the work. All the photos I took from the site http://gomelstreet.info

And I'm sorry that the photos are unevenly. I tried to place them neatly, but the site rebelled and showed his obnoxious character)))

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Large water has come to Gomel 1

Spring is a very unusual this year. Snow covers the streets in early April, and now it has melted, the water in the rivers rose and flooded homes and streets. A few streets of Gomel look like Venice. Yesterday I was able to drive through the private sector. I saw that the water had flooded a few yards and came close to the road. The private sector now closed: the road disappeared under the water. Maybe I'll be able to get close and take some pictures tomorrow.
Sorry for the poor picture quality, I took pictures from the window of a moving bus.

Today I walked through the alleys of the Gomel Park. I wanted to see with my own eyes overflowing Sozh. Other townspeople seem to think as I do, because the river I saw a lot of people with cameras.
So I suggest you see the pictures of spring floods in the Gomel park.
Gomel Park. April 25, 2013

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The oldest cities in Belarus (top 5)

People began to settle on the territory of Belarus in the hoary past.

In this article I will tell you about the old cities.

Suraż (Russia)

This article turned out random: last two weeks, I was getting ready to participate in an international conference. I and my student had to make presentations. So for the past few days I was very busy and did not write a blog. Forgive me, please ((

On April 12th, we went to the conference. It was early morning, we went to the old car, but the mood was great.We drove three hours. Forests stretched outside the window, I considered the nature of the spring.

The forests still covered with snow, and people were fishing on the ice of one (very large) lake. We are very worried about the fishermen, because the ice can be very thin.