Thursday, 25 April 2013

Large water has come to Gomel 1

Spring is a very unusual this year. Snow covers the streets in early April, and now it has melted, the water in the rivers rose and flooded homes and streets. A few streets of Gomel look like Venice. Yesterday I was able to drive through the private sector. I saw that the water had flooded a few yards and came close to the road. The private sector now closed: the road disappeared under the water. Maybe I'll be able to get close and take some pictures tomorrow.
Sorry for the poor picture quality, I took pictures from the window of a moving bus.

Today I walked through the alleys of the Gomel Park. I wanted to see with my own eyes overflowing Sozh. Other townspeople seem to think as I do, because the river I saw a lot of people with cameras.
So I suggest you see the pictures of spring floods in the Gomel park.
Gomel Park. April 25, 2013


  1. ААААА!!!!!!! Я не могу лайкнуть пост!! У меня почему-то не получается ничего :(((
    Тогда так напишу: классные фотографии, надо будет съездить в парк завтра.

  2. Хе, как коммернатий отправила, так и лайки заработали ))))

  3. Oh, I'm hope that You are save! We had big flood in 2010 and our home was in danger, so I know what it is. It doesn't look well.

    1. My house is at a safe distance from the water. Khalch is also on the high bank of the Sozh. But Vetka floats ((

  4. Interesting series of shots.
    The water is rising, both fascinating and dangerous.