Sunday, 14 April 2013

Suraż (Russia)

This article turned out random: last two weeks, I was getting ready to participate in an international conference. I and my student had to make presentations. So for the past few days I was very busy and did not write a blog. Forgive me, please ((

On April 12th, we went to the conference. It was early morning, we went to the old car, but the mood was great.We drove three hours. Forests stretched outside the window, I considered the nature of the spring.

The forests still covered with snow, and people were fishing on the ice of one (very large) lake. We are very worried about the fishermen, because the ice can be very thin.

In Suraż we arrived just in time for the conference. I stood fifth, and my students - seventeenth. A total of 19 speakers came from different countries.

I liked the  building of Suraz Pedagogical College, where the conference took place. It's an interesting building from the early 20th century. Another interesting fact is that the cemetery is located just opposite the college))) The narrow road separates life and death)) It reminded me of my school Khalch: the building is also located near the cemetery.
Suraz Pedagogical College
In five hours, we returned to Belarus. We walked a bit around the city center (about an hour). It is not very long, I know, but I managed to take a few photos.
In the center stands a stone chapel, we saw it from a distance and decided to take a closer look.

Yura, my student
I saw very interesting buildings in Suraż. For example, the building that hosts the school, more like a municipal building (tax inspection, the court or something like that). Town Hall is colored with very bright colors, it is unusual for me.

School #2 and Lenin
The town hall and Lenin
In a vacant lot in front of the municipality, obviously, there was a Christmas tree. We have found a lot of spruce branches and pieces of Christmas decorations.Unfortunately, I do not know much about this Russian city. But the following year Suraż again invites to a scientific conference. And maybe I'll get back there ))

Alley of Heroes

Eternal fire does not burn ...
P.S. Sorry, the photos from the conference there is little, because I read the report and switched the slides student. I handed the camera to the neighbor on the left, but his hands were shaking and all pictures are corrupted.

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