Sunday, 14 April 2013

The oldest cities in Belarus (top 5)

People began to settle on the territory of Belarus in the hoary past.

In this article I will tell you about the old cities.

1. Polatsk
It is the oldest city in Belarus. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 862 AD. Polatsk was the capital of the Principality of Polatsk. Rogneda and Rogvolod, Skarina many others were born in Polatsk.

2. Vitebsk
Vitebsk was first mentioned in 947 AD. According to legend, Princess Olga founded the city. Vitebsk is now one of the most beautiful towns in Belarus. The famous festival "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk invites visitors every year.

3. Turov
Turov used to be the capital of the Principality of Turov. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 980 AD. The famous Belarusian poet and statesman of the Middle Ages Kirill of Turov praised the city for centuries. Now Desk is a small town in the south of Belarus. In Turow has an unusual interest: stone crosses grow from the ground. Many pilgrims come from all over Europe to see the miracle.

4. Vawkavysk
This city is located in the west of Belarus. It was first mentioned in 1005 AD Vawkavysk is a very beautiful city of Belarus. The famous Janina Jaime was born in Vawkavysk. Soviet audiences will remember the actress in the role of Cinderella. This film is newly painted and now fans of the actress can be a new way to enjoy her work.

5. Brest
I can long and hard talk about Brest, because I was born not far from the city. Brest was first mentioned in chronicles in 1019 AD. First, the city housed in what is now the Brest Fortress. But in the 19th century, the town was moved to three kilometers to the side. You can read more about Brest on my blog.

I'll talk later about other ancient Belarusian cities!


  1. They are all such beautiful cities.
    Hope I will have a chance to visit Belarus one day :)

  2. What do you know about Pinsk/Karlin, Malch,Motal, Telechon, Derechin (sic) and the area known as the Pripet Marshes?

    1. Pinsk. I was in this city many times. I like Pinsk.
      Carlin. Now it is part of the town of Pinsk. Private school for Jewish children opened here.
      Motol. I was in this village for a long time. I know that the festival "Motol prysmaki" held annually in the village. But alas, I did not get to the festival.
      Telekhany. It is a small village on the road between Pinsk and Ivatzevichi. There is a plant for the production of skis. Many students had such skis during the Soviet era. I once lived near Telekhany for three years.
      Derechin is a village in the Grodno region, I do not know anything about it. This village is not in Polesie. But there is a town of Drohiczyn. I pass it on the train when I go from Brest to Gomel. Unfortunately, I've been in this town just passing through.
      Malech. It is a village in the Bereza District. I know that a beautiful park and a church located there.
      Polesie - a large area in the south of my country. Actually, I live in Polesie. This region is characterized by nature (forests, plains and swamps), culture (many scientists are studying the language of Polesie - there are many Ukrainian and Polish words in the language, there are newspapers and magazines in this language). But the east and west Polesie also differ. because they are separated by five hundred kilometers.