Friday, 3 May 2013

Lenin Belarus?

A week ago, I found a very interesting site. It is dedicated to the monuments of Belarus. This is no ordinary website. Photos of Lenin monuments are placed on it.  

I found that about 70% of the monuments in Belarus are devoted to the "leader of the world proletariat." I agree with this figure: in fact, Lenin monuments are in many streets and squares of Belarusian cities. In every town or village there is Lenin  street or Lenin Square. And every square is a monument to Lenin.

By the way, the guys from the site found 18 (!) Lenin monuments in Gomel.

Lenin (Malorita, Brest region) with a very large head.

Lenin (Stolbtsy, Minsk region) with large hands

Lenin (Gomel, Navabelitsa) with an unusual right hand

Monument to Lenin in David-Gorodok, Brest region

Lenin monument in Minsk

Monument to Lenin in Kobrin,  Brest region

Monument to Lenin in Orsha (Vitebsk region)

Monument to Lenin in Grodno

Mazyr, Gomel region

Pastavy, Vitebsk  region

Bobruisk, Mogilev region

Vetka Gomel region

A lot monuments to Lenin stands in the villages and small towns. You see only a tiny part of the whole Belarusian Lenininana. Belarusian enthusiasts even offer to develop special tourist routes with the obligatory visit all the monuments of Lenin in the city (for example, in Vitebsk and Minsk). And I think people are willing to go to such tours.

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