Friday, 28 June 2013

"Byvajtse zdarowy"

Бывайце здаровы,
Жывiце багата,
А мы ўжо ж паедзем
Дадому, дахаты.
У зялёнай дубраве
Мы начаваць будзем.
І Вашае ласкi
Вавек не забудзем.

These words had began a very well-known Belarusian song. The author of the text was the Belarusian poet Adam Rusak (in 1936). His poems have been printed in 1939 in the main Belarusian newspaper. Composer Isaac Luban wrote several versions of tunes to this text. The song soon became popular. All Belarus sang her in the fields and in the factory, in the cities and the countryside.

And then there was confusion. The Russian newspaper reprinted the poems of Adam Rusak, but the newspaper made ​​a mistake: Journalist signed this text as folk song. Russian poet Mikhail Isakovsky saw the lyrics and translated it into Russian. Since then, a few years he was considered by the author. Only in 1940 Isakovsky apologized and admitted his mistake in front of the Belarusian poet.

And the song was and still is very popular. Leonid Utesov (a famous Soviet singer) performed in 1938 version of the song in Russian. The new version of the song called to drive the invaders and end the war. Now the song has really become popular: its many variants to this day can be found in different parts of Belarus. It all began with the lines, write an Adam Rusak.

Lyrics (free translation)
We wish you the best life and the rich.
 But we will go to our home, house.
 We spend good time in your celebration
 We never not sew nothing better before this party.

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