Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Cornflower is a symbol of Belarus

We call this flower gently and lovingly: valoshka (accent on the letter o) or vasiliok (accent on the letter o, too).

Since ancient times, Belarusians think this blue flower symbol of happiness and longevity.

Slavic legend explains the origin of the name. One mermaid fell in love with a young man named Vasil. But he did not answer her affection and refused to follow her to the underwater kingdom.
Love mermaid offended and turned the young man in a blue flower, which came to be called by its name - vasiliok (cornflower).

Valoshka bloom not only in Belarusian fields, but also in Belarusian literature, in Belarusian soul. It is a symbol of Belarus, a symbol of spirituality and purity.

Image of cornflower found in many Belarusian sites, it decorates products of Belarusian factories. Cornflower has become the symbol of the festival "Slavic Bazaar".

Probably no one would answer the question of why cornflowers have taken root in the Belarusian culture. Why are they so often found in the embroidery shirts, parking brake, weaving belts, napkins. Without cornflowers is difficult to imagine these things. Perhaps this reflects the nature of unsightly flower Nation? Humility, kindness, hospitality, simplicity ... as if there was not, valoshka has long been a symbol of the art of Belarus, the epitome of creativity and inspiration.

To live and work, you need the sun, freedom and a little flower ...
PS: By the way, cornflower is also a symbol of Estonia.

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