Sunday, 25 August 2013

Kobryn Military History Museum named after A. Suvorov

In Kobryn museum occupies two buildings. In a small house, you can get acquainted with the life and work of the famous Russian commander Suvorov. Why is this museum appeared in Kobryn? The Russian empress Catherine the Great gave Kobryn to commander for the fact that he suppressed the revolt of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. This is a dubious achievement, but in Soviet times Suvorov Museum enjoyed a lot of attention. Now the exposure in a small building tells the story of Kosciuszko's revolt and about life of Suvorov in my town.

Today I was in a large building of the museum. The exhibition introduces visitors to the seven centuries of history of the city. I visited the two floors of the museum. looked a collection of weapons. I took over 200 pictures and wanted to share them with you. But when I took a public computer, a nasty surprise waiting for me. The virus has blocked all my shots and I could not put them into the network. I am very upset because I was deprived of the opportunity to "cure" the stick. (((

Saturday, 24 August 2013

My new blog

Hello everyone!

I created a new blog that is dedicated to the Belarusian proverbs and idioms. You can watch it HERE.

Of course, there are still few posts (only 10), but I will fill it with new Belarusian idioms, so that everyone could get to know the Belarusian language and learn the culture of my country.

You are welcome!!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An interesting crossroad

In Kobryn you will see a lot of these intersections. They appeared in 2009 before the "Dozhinki." Authorities received a lot of money on the improvement of the city, the money must be spent for the benefit of the city. Therefore the mass of road signs was purchased at this time. On the little crossroads where rarely passing cars, road authorities have established a lot of signs. Of course, the driver is good. But sometimes it looks very comical. 

It is the normal crossway. This is just a small street. But at the intersection you see six signs "Crosswalk"! What for? During the time when I went to the crossroads, made a few pictures and went back, I did not see any cars. By the way, this intersection is located near the train station (on the left), but the cars go there very often. 

I understand that the driver need road signs. But I think there are too many in this case .....

Video about Vetka 2

This is a video you can see, even without knowing the Russian language. You have a fascinating walk through the Vetka. It is the center of the Belarusian Old Believers. Film was created in January and February 2013. Most recently, right?

In the second part of the video you will learn about exposure Vetkovskiy museum of folk art. You will see unique icons, embroidered with pearls, you will see the magnificent carved casings  for icons. If you feel that this is gold - you are wrong! It's a fine wood carving, the casing of a gilded. Experts say that the work of carvers from the branch may be made to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites...

You'll see  famous towels of Negliubka. You marvel at their beauty and richness of colors! In short, I invite you to explore this small town. Enjoy!

Video about Vetka 1

This is a video you can see, even without knowing the Russian language. You have a fascinating walk through the Vetka. It is the center of the Belarusian Old Believers. Film was created in January and February 2013. Most recently, right?

If you know Russian, you can learn the history of the city. If you do not know Russian, then just watch a movie - and you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a small country town....

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The smallest town in Belarus

Dzisna is the smallest town in Belarus, with a population of just 1,973 people. 

Dzisna is located in the north of Belarus. To get to the city, you will need to know where is the city of Polatsk. Distance from Polatsk to Dzisna is 40 km. 

Dzisna situated on the banks of the river. This river and gave the city its name. Yes, the river is also called Dzisna)) 

Просмотреть увеличенную карту

It is a very picturesque part of Belarus. You will see two fast and mighty rivers, green meadows, you will pass through the quiet streets of the town, enjoy this provincial life. You will give tribute to the town's architecture. I will not tell much - I'll show you the pictures and you will want to visit this town. The smallest town in Belarus....
The oldest bridge in Belarus

" The Goat" - a kids dance

Today, I suggest you watch the kids dance "Goat." This is a Belarusian folk dance. Ensemble "Lyalki" executes it. During the dance, children imitate  movements of animal (jumping goats), the boys are doing the horns of the sticks.

It's a very merry dance, you'll like it!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Top 5 Belarusian museums outside of Minsk

Portal studied results of the "Museum of Belarus - the third millennium", held in October 2012 in Grodno. Here is a list of the best museums in Belarus.

Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble

For those who are not paying attention: the image of the complex is in the bill to Br20 000 of the National Bank of Belarus. The complex consists of six museum objects. All buildings - monuments XVIII-XIX centuries. The main object - the Palace of Rumyantsev-Paskevich.

Lubensky is my microdistrict

I live in the southern part of Gomel. My district is called Lubensky. 

It was built in the early 80s of the 20th century. This is the usual "bedroom community", there are many such places in Gomel. Lubensky architecture is very simple - it's multi-storey residential buildings in Soviet style. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Slutsk is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. It was first mentioned in 1116. Once amazing and beautiful belts were wove here, then they became known worldwide as "Slutsk belts".

Slutsk  is located 100 km south-west of Minsk. You can go to the city by train (but it is inconvenient, because the railroad makes a great hook), bus and car.

I lived near Slutsk for three weeks. During this time I visited the city twice (this is very little, I know). I was in a local history museum, visited the the main sights of the city, visited the local market.

My camera was in the repair and I did all the photos on  phone. Forgive me for that.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Liebster Blog Award

What is the Liebster Blog Award?
The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite”. This award is the “favorite blog award” then.
The rules for this one state that you answer the 11 questions asked of you by the Blogger who gave you this award. These would be Zim’s questions for me.
I really appreciate your nomination Zim – Thank you very much!!!

Here are the questions and my answers then:

1 Do you like Mondays?
Yes, I love Mondays. My day off this year - on Monday!

2 How would you have ordered a million zlotys?
If I had a million zlotys, I would have spent on their treatment of my father.

3 Holidays in Poland or abroad?
Vacation - only in Belarus! There are many beautiful places in my country, which I have not seen.

4 The most unpopular of your subject in school is ...?
I also want to see Krakow and Vilnius - the native cities of my ancestors.

5 Coffee or tea?
Tea! Herbal or black.

6 If you had / and unlimited opportunities to learn languages​​, which language would you choose?
Maybe, Japanese and... Gallifreyan )))

7 What is your favorite dessert?
Сhocolate ice cream

8 Which book annoyed you most in life?
This question made ​​me think almost all of the books that I read in my life. I remember! The theoretical course in pedagogy!

9 Do you prefer to spend your free time at home or outside the home?
Probably outside the home. I like to walk around the city streets to watch the passers-by. I like to sit on a park bench and think / read / eat chocolate ice cream / do it all at once)))

10. Where do you want / like to go on holiday next year?
I would like to go on a musical night in Mir Castle: three great nights of live music in the open air!

11. If you had / have at its disposal a time machine - which era would be moved / relocated?
If I had the opportunity to travel back in time, I would like to visit in the late 19th century, during the Renaissance, and perhaps in the future (I want to see Belarus in 2213)

And now my 11 questions:
1. Your life motto?
2. What do you mean the word "freedom"?
3. Name 5 things in your wardrobe, without which you can not live.
4. Do you believe in miracles?
5. What kind of tree you associate yourself?
6. What movie would you recommend for viewing?
7. Would you be able to sing on stage in front of hundreds of people?
8. When you start your morning?
9. What music do you listen to in the evenings?
10. Who are you: a physicist or a lyric?
11. What is your favorite animal?

I ask these questions to:
Ankur and Soma
Thou San
Silvana Devinta
Н.А.ta Дабарская

Thursday, 1 August 2013

African swine fever in Belarus

The news spread all over the world. And they are absolutely true.

No one knows how the plague appeared in my country. But now the disease is spreading to new and new areas. From today (August 1) in many areas is forbidden to keep pigs on a farm. People are in a panic buy up large freezers.

The entire territory of Belarus is divided into three zones: the infected zone, the buffer zone and the clean area. In the infected and buffer zones of all pigs must be destroyed. The rural population is doomed to poverty because many families raised pigs for sale. The government promises to reimburse the cost of the animals, but no one does not believe it. Residents of some villages to protect pigs from destruction with pitchforks and scythes in their hands. 

Просмотреть Африканская чума свиней в Беларуси, Марина Воробей, TUT. на карте большего размера