Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An interesting crossroad

In Kobryn you will see a lot of these intersections. They appeared in 2009 before the "Dozhinki." Authorities received a lot of money on the improvement of the city, the money must be spent for the benefit of the city. Therefore the mass of road signs was purchased at this time. On the little crossroads where rarely passing cars, road authorities have established a lot of signs. Of course, the driver is good. But sometimes it looks very comical. 

It is the normal crossway. This is just a small street. But at the intersection you see six signs "Crosswalk"! What for? During the time when I went to the crossroads, made a few pictures and went back, I did not see any cars. By the way, this intersection is located near the train station (on the left), but the cars go there very often. 

I understand that the driver need road signs. But I think there are too many in this case .....

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  1. Too many of a good thing :)
    6 ways to go when you need only 1 :)