Saturday, 17 August 2013

Lubensky is my microdistrict

I live in the southern part of Gomel. My district is called Lubensky. 

It was built in the early 80s of the 20th century. This is the usual "bedroom community", there are many such places in Gomel. Lubensky architecture is very simple - it's multi-storey residential buildings in Soviet style. 

Why Lubensky area is called? Lubny village was on this place before. 

But people believe that part of the city one of the best. Lubensky infrastructure is very well developed. There is a hairdressing salon, library, post office, restaurants, cafes, markets, many grocery stores. Health center is located nearby - just a kilometer away from my house. Of course, there are no modern buildings, as in other parts of the city. But I can get to almost any part of the city - transportation network is highly developed, too.

If you come to Lubensky, you first see the chapel of white concrete. It delivered not so long ago - a few years ago - and is dedicated to soldiers-internationalists. Every year on February 15 veterans of the Afghan war come to my district to honor the memory of soldiers who died in battle far from their native land.

The central street called "very poetic": 60 years of the USSR. The basic infrastructure of the district is located exactly on it.

  "60 years of the USSR"  street: Liman cafe 

 "60 years of the USSR"  street

  "60 years of the USSR"  street:  my favourite supernarket Maxima
  "60 years of the USSR"  street 
Street shared a beautiful square. Residents of the district like to relax in it. The main chapel walkway connects the lake. This lake is also called Lubensky. It is connected with the Sozh and every spring bottled water and the lake overflows its banks.
view of the square from the window

The shore of the lake is very picturesque. I was walking with my father along the shore of the lake. Therefore, in some pictures you can see my father: he is in a wheelchair. My father really wanted me to be photographed him in Gomel, he's so rarely travels to other cities.

So, here it is, my neighborhood. I live in it for about 12 years. I love living here.

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