Thursday, 8 August 2013


Slutsk is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. It was first mentioned in 1116. Once amazing and beautiful belts were wove here, then they became known worldwide as "Slutsk belts".

Slutsk  is located 100 km south-west of Minsk. You can go to the city by train (but it is inconvenient, because the railroad makes a great hook), bus and car.

I lived near Slutsk for three weeks. During this time I visited the city twice (this is very little, I know). I was in a local history museum, visited the the main sights of the city, visited the local market.

My camera was in the repair and I did all the photos on  phone. Forgive me for that.

Slutsk stands on the river Slutch. This is a very small and quiet river (in the city center, I saw it just is). A small chapel stands at the river. Monument to Princess Sofia Slutskaya is located to the left of the chapel. Behind them you can see the building of the House of Culture. It is unusual: the remains of the building of a former castle. Part of the building is modern. I did not like it.
chapel and Slutsh river

monument to Princess Sofia Slutskaya

the House of Culture

In the central square stands proudly multi-storey building - the town hall. This is a common structure in the Soviet style. Belarus coat of arms adorns the top of the town hall. Also you will see the building of the school of arts and a statue of Lenin. It seemed to me that the little statue of the curve)) To the left of the statue of Lenin is the local "Walk of Fame". Photographs of local celebrities posted on the purple flames. Alley is finished by the monument to soldiers-internationalists.
the town hall
the school of arts

"Walk of Fame"

Much in Slutsk recalls the famous belts. One of the main streets is named after Maxim Bogdanovich. This Belarusian poet sang of the beauty of belts. Fragments Slutsk belts are kept in the museum. The new museum is being built - the museum of Slutsk belts. When construction is finished, the new museum you can learn the history of belts, watch the production and purchase a souvenir. The building is almost built. It is unfortunate that I have not been able to get to this museum, but next year I will come to Slutsk again for visiting the museum.

the railway station

Slutsk park

a cinema
center of Slutsk

I also invite you to visit this city in this and next year!


  1. I really like your blog! I am an American, but about 4 years ago I fell in love with a woman who is from Belarus. She came to the US when she was 18 and I met her when she was 21. She has told me many stories about her youth in Minsk and now your blog posts have given me so much more information about your country.

    I hope one day to travel with her to Belarus so we can see these places together.

    Her name? Alena!

    1. I hope your plans will become a reality and you and your wife will come to Belarus!

  2. She is not my wife but maybe one day she will be. She is everything a man cold ever hope for.