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The smallest town in Belarus

Dzisna is the smallest town in Belarus, with a population of just 1,973 people. 

Dzisna is located in the north of Belarus. To get to the city, you will need to know where is the city of Polatsk. Distance from Polatsk to Dzisna is 40 km. 

Dzisna situated on the banks of the river. This river and gave the city its name. Yes, the river is also called Dzisna)) 

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It is a very picturesque part of Belarus. You will see two fast and mighty rivers, green meadows, you will pass through the quiet streets of the town, enjoy this provincial life. You will give tribute to the town's architecture. I will not tell much - I'll show you the pictures and you will want to visit this town. The smallest town in Belarus....
The oldest bridge in Belarus

the ruins of the hospital
the ruins of the hospital
the ruins of the hospital

Ruins of the Franciscan church
Ruins of the Franciscan church
Icon of the Mother of God Church "Odigitriya". Belfry
Castle island
The oldest bridge in Belarus
The Orthodox Church of the Resurrection
The Orthodox Church of the Resurrection
How to get to Dzisna

If you or your friends have a car: 

You have to go on the road "F14." Do not forget: after 4km from Polotsk turn right at the sign for Dzisna  You'll meet a single gas station. Here and in turn from the highway to the town Dzisna. 

If you are coming from Braslava or from Riga, you will reach us, traveling 45km from the city of Miori. And please, do not turn on the signs in the village Sharagy, drive to the gas station. 

If you have a boat: 

From Vitebsk and Polotsk add up the oars and give themselves the Dvina river - she will moor your boat to the island Dzisna chateau. 

And if you ride to the border with Lithuania, it will help you in this river Dzisna. 

If you are traveling by public transport: 

By train, by bus or get to Polotsk Miory and then to Dzisna. 
From Minsk on Friday and Sunday is a direct bus to Miory through Dzisna...

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