Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chefs in Zhlobin baked superdranik

"Dozhinki" are celebrating in Zhlobin now. Especially for the holiday cook baked superdranik for 900 servings.

He prepared during the day. 70 pounds of potatoes, 80 eggs, a few pounds of flour - all for the sake of a large dranik.

Everyone could try a culinary masterpiece and tasters - the usual audience - have been appreciated superdranik.

All the photos were taken brom

Festival of Crafts in Slutsk

September 21 and 22, Sluck welcomed the guests from all over the Minsk region. Festival of Crafts "Slutsky belt" was held in the city in these days.

I invite you to plunge into the holiday atmosphere that prevailed in Slutsk. 
All the photos were taken from NashaNiva.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The song "Polka of Belarus"

This song is very popular in my country. Singers perform it at numerous concerts, folk groups love to sing it, too. I know the history of the writing of this song. 

The author told me that at 1 January 1993 he "heard"  the first lines of the song in his head. Just 10 minutes - and he wrote a poem. Then the poet called the composer (Igor Luchenok), and read the poem on the phone. Melody came about half an hour. In the evening of the same day a poet sent the song to his mother as New Year greetings.

The song wasn't performed for 10 months, the first time it has been sung by the ensemble "Syabry" in the United States. Now the "Polka" is the hallmark of this band.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Minsk: bird's-eye view 2

This summer I was in the National Library and climbed to the observation deck. It is situated at a height of 22 floors and offers views of the Minsk. I took a few pictures of the Belarusian capital. You can see them in this post.

Welcome to my new website!

Honestly, it's not my site - I received it as a gift from my student. She decided to thank me and created a website for our school club. My student said that it was her second attempt to create a website: the first time she went to a paid resource and demanded money from her on the third day. Then she created a second version of the site on (she checked!) a free resource. Yesterday, she told me about it and transferred the rights to the site.

Now I have new problem))))

If you want to see on this site, I invite you to follow me at this address:
This picture will help you understand if you strayed from the path)))

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sauka and Gryshka - children Belarusian folk song

Almost everyone knows this song in Belarus. Children sing it in kindergartens and schools. 

The song tells: Sauka and Grishka did tune began to play. All the people cheered, everyone began to dance. But the old grandfather was angry at the musicians (their loud music scared little boy - the old man's grandson), and drove them out of the house.

I highly recommend you watch this video. The song is very fun and playful, and I'm sure you will like it))

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The modern teacher

Today I found a very remarkable picture, which clearly shows the modern teacher. And I laughed: in Belarus and abroad - all may be tha same...

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Minsk: bird's-eye view

I found on the internet gorgeous pictures of Minsk. They are made from the roofs of the highest buildings in the city. I invite you on an unusual tour of the capital of Belarus.
All pictures taken from the site

Friday, 13 September 2013

Good news!!

Congratulate me! I sang my cherished dream - I bought a laptop. My computer does not work from the beginning of May and all of the latest messages I typed in public comps. They worked very slowly, photos are not loaded, I was angry ...(((

But now, I hope all my problems are gone!

Since previous post (about the dulcimer), I used a new laptop. It works great and I am very pleased. And here is how it looks...

I hope that now I will be more likely to write a blog)) Now I have even more opportunities to socialize.

Postscript. When I typed this message, my younger brother called. He said that he repair  my computer. Now I have a computer and a laptop!! I am very happy!

Belarusian folk song "Perapelachka" ( "The Quail")

This video was shot in 2003 in Brest. Girl playing Belarusian folk song. Musical instrument called a dulcimer. First girl plucks the strings hands, then plays a special mallets. These mallets are made of wood, they are fitted on top of a soft felt. When you hit the strings, the sound is clear and sonorous. 

By the way, I graduated from music school and know how to play this instrument. I also participated in various competitions and concerts, but we did not have a camera so I can not show you my performances.

I invite you to dive into the atmosphere of the Belarusian national music. You can hear the unmistakable sound of cymbals and learn a little more about the culture of my country....

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tour to Kobrin Museum of Military History. Part 1

I was able to get pictures from my camera. However, I lost the battery from it (((I'm so unlucky this year, I feel like crying (((

So, here's how to look the two buildings of the museum. A large red building in the background - is the main building of the museum, in it you can see the exhibition "700 years of the history of the city." A small building in the foreground - a house-museum of Alexander Suvorov.

Timelapse Vitebsk (winter)

This video will show you the wonderful winter Vitebsk. I hope you enjoy this magnificent city of Belarus.

Timelapse Vitebsk (summer)

I invite you to the northern capital of Belarus - the city of Vitebsk. He is best known for the famous festival "Slavic Bazaar". Today you can watch the video and see the beauty of this ancient Belarusian city.

Welcome to Vitebsk!