Friday, 13 September 2013

Good news!!

Congratulate me! I sang my cherished dream - I bought a laptop. My computer does not work from the beginning of May and all of the latest messages I typed in public comps. They worked very slowly, photos are not loaded, I was angry ...(((

But now, I hope all my problems are gone!

Since previous post (about the dulcimer), I used a new laptop. It works great and I am very pleased. And here is how it looks...

I hope that now I will be more likely to write a blog)) Now I have even more opportunities to socialize.

Postscript. When I typed this message, my younger brother called. He said that he repair  my computer. Now I have a computer and a laptop!! I am very happy!

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  1. Computers can be very malicious. I know about it :) Greetings from cold Cracow.