Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The song "Polka of Belarus"

This song is very popular in my country. Singers perform it at numerous concerts, folk groups love to sing it, too. I know the history of the writing of this song. 

The author told me that at 1 January 1993 he "heard"  the first lines of the song in his head. Just 10 minutes - and he wrote a poem. Then the poet called the composer (Igor Luchenok), and read the poem on the phone. Melody came about half an hour. In the evening of the same day a poet sent the song to his mother as New Year greetings.

The song wasn't performed for 10 months, the first time it has been sung by the ensemble "Syabry" in the United States. Now the "Polka" is the hallmark of this band.

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