Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tour to Kobrin Museum of Military History. Part 1

I was able to get pictures from my camera. However, I lost the battery from it (((I'm so unlucky this year, I feel like crying (((

So, here's how to look the two buildings of the museum. A large red building in the background - is the main building of the museum, in it you can see the exhibition "700 years of the history of the city." A small building in the foreground - a house-museum of Alexander Suvorov.

 This is a view of the main building (from Lenin Square and Lenin Street).
So you go to the main building. On the first floor you get to know the history of my hometown from hoary antiquity to the early 20th century.

You will see the ancient arrowheads and spears that were found during the archaeological excavations. You will also see a lot of knives, from the ancient to the weapons of war in 1812. In this war, killing many Belarusians. And in 1812 near Kobrin was a battle that Napoleon's army lost. Most of the weapons of this period have been found on the battlefield and in nearby villages.

The second floor is devoted to the events of 20 and 21 centuries.
You'll see a soldier and an officer's uniform of the First World War, the weapons of the period.

A separate room is set aside Kobrin stories from 1921 to 1939, when Belarus was divided into two parts. My home town, as well as other lands became part of Poland. 

Kobrin was badly damaged during the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945. Part of the city was taken by the Nazis ghettos for Jews. In the museum you will see the barbed wire that surrounded the ghetto and separated it from the rest of the city. The prisoners had to wear wooden shoes.
The partisans and underground fighters selflessly fought the Nazis, the fight dedicated halls of the museum. You will see the layout of the guerrilla camp, a real gun during the war, shells. Lots of bombs and shells still lie in the ground alongside a city.

Before the war, Kobrin became a home for the pilots. First, in the city of pilots have lodged, after the war, the helicopter located here. Kobrin had their base. In 1999, the helicopters flew from Kobrin, the airfield was plowed. Now here potatoes, onions, tomatoes grow, and once adorned bellied helicopters. They were flying over the city every Monday and Thursday. I am very sad that they flew away.
Of course, the museum has several rooms dedicated to the history of the squadron Kobrin

Sorry, I'm running out of money and I had to put my story about the museum "on pause." The next time I finish my story. I'll tell you about the amazing collection of police caps and those souvenirs that can be purchased at the museum. Sorry for such a hasty flight, but I was left with only 5 minutes (((And I'm not even at home, I have to drive about 40 minutes. (((Excuse me, please.


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Very interesting.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Very interesting.