Tuesday, 29 October 2013

"Alpine" Gomel

All pictures taken from the site gomelnews.onliner.by.
These mountains have become the hallmark of Gomel, they can be seen far away from the road , the mountains towering over the forest.

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Mystic park

I want to share photographs from my friend dogs_by. He often walks in the Gomel park and posted new photos on his page at the Internet. Welcome!

I'd like to show interesting photos that made ​​this fall by a mobile camera. I invite you to see how the park has changed within one month. You get into the kingdom of mysticism and Gothic. My colleagues saw these pictures today. Teachers said that they had never seen the park so dark and strange.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Unusual tour!

If you come to Minsk, you are free to pass on the Belarusian capital and see all 8 buildings, which images  are decorated money of my country.
I made a route for a hike, you can see it on the map below.

Good news!!!

I have a holiday today!

A week ago, two of my photos have been sent to the contest "Art-innovation". Today, I found out that these pictures took 1st and 2nd places. You can not imagine how happy I am for this news! Now the pictures will go to the next stage of the contest and people across the country will be able to see them!!!
1st place
2nd place

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Happy Teachers' Day!

Today the whole of Belarus celebrates Teacher's Day. I congratulate my colleagues on the holiday and wish fulfillment of all desires!

A teacher
Is like a candle
Which lights others
In consuming itself.

Happy Teacher's Day!

Night Minsk - view from space

The astronauts captured Minsk night from space, as well as other cities, including Paris, Moscow and New York.

Most of the exposure required for photographing the night cities from a great height. The astronauts began to make high-quality images only after a homemade tracking system was installed at the station, it is analogous to watch movements, which are installed on the telescope.

Bright road leads to the airport "Minsk-2" (right).

Photo taken from the site tut.by. Photos of the other night cities (Paris, Moscow, Rome, Kiev ...) you can see here.

Friday, 4 October 2013

A kind teacher

This wonderful animation I received this as a gift from an online friend from another country. After watching it I posted here because the card is very touching and sweet. My message is to all the readers of my blog.

I congratulate all the readers of the upcoming holiday, Teacher's Day! Let all the teachers in your life will be as good. respectful and kind.

Welcome to "Belarus facts"!!!

I invite you to an interesting site about Belarus - Belarus facts. The site is available in seven languages​​: Russian, English, Arabic, French, German, Polish and Italian. You can learn a lot about my country, to see the magnificent videos, you will learn about the nature and culture of my country. Individual countries are devoted to tourism.

And, of course, you will be informed of all the news about the upcoming World Hockey Championship. It will be held in Belarus in May 2014.

Welcome to the site!