Saturday, 30 November 2013

Junior Eurovision 2013. We are the third!

Just broadcasting from Kiev ended. Kiev hosted the Junior Eurovision 2013. Ilya Volkov represented Belarus. I watched this show and now I'm thrilled. Ilya was third after the vote! I'm happy for Ilya and for my country!

Top 5 places in Belarus, which every tourist must visit

1. Look at Minsk bird's-eye view and buy a 'unique' badge on the subway
National Library of Belarus is one of the attractions of Minsk. Height - 73 meters, the shape - rombokubooktaedr. The library has an extensive book collection. Also the building is used as a tourist destination - an observation deck is located on the 23rd floor. Climb it is possible, using high-speed elevator. Evening and night hours until the entire building is illuminated and has an exclusive dynamic images. To look at Minsk bird's-eye view, you have to go down to the subway and get off at the station "Vostok".

Friday, 29 November 2013

Lida Timelapse

Today I invite you to Grodno region, in a small but very beautiful city with a euphonious name - Lida. I place a movie here. It was made by mah who is very fond of his hometown. You will see Leeds Castle - one of the castles, which are preserved in Belarus.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Gomel bus station "charms"

A few days ago, I was late for work. Near my home there is a cash machine , I wanted to withdraw money from the card , but that morning ATM doesn't work. I was saddened and decided to buy a bus ticket using a credit card . I was so naive!

I came to the bus and began to look for an ATM. It is located at the entrance to the building. Disappointment awaited me: at the ATM was only large bills . Then I decided to buy a ticket at the box office .I went up to one hand, then another. On all the box office I saw the message " The terminal is not working ." Only one window was clean. But the office was closed!

Soligorsk - Potash capital of Belarus

Last week I was in Soligorsk. It is a city in the Minsk region. Soligorsk is one of the youngest cities in my country. He appeared in 1958 as a working village. On the future site of the city found potash , and therefore there was a settlement for miners. First, people have decided to name the new settlement Novostarobinsk because Starobin-town is very close. But this name did not stick. As a result, the new city was named Soligorsk.
If you travel to Soligorsk, you will see that it is a wealthy city. Its streets are neat and clean, painted houses, expensive cars are in yards. Residents of the city are really richer than the rest of the population because Soligorsk - a city of miners.
But at the same time Soligorsk - a "city without a face". There is no historic center , there are no private sector. You will only see high-rise buildings in the streets. You can hardly find a "flavor" of the city.
50 years ago, people from different countries gathered in Soligorsk , so this city is interesting for its internationality . To be honest, I did not see in shades of Belarusian Soligorsk. The city was still too young and there is no age-old traditions that unite people . All people live on their own, there is no mutual assistance. A lot of time will pass before the people of the city can feel a single entity.

The winter has come to Belarus!

Belarusians waited for the first snow!

Snow fell on Tuesday night, he covered rooftops, grass, cars. What a shame: the snow melted at night!

But today I went out and saw a white ground under my feet again.
The winter has come to Belarus!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Forgive me for my long absence!

This month has been very difficult for me. My job could not let me out of its cuddles. For three weeks I made 8 presentations, prepared 6 students, participated in 10 competitions (this is not an exaggeration, it is real data). 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The first modern Slutsk belt made in Belarus

This belt is made with modern equipment, but it is fully consistent with those belts, which were produced in Belarus before. Belt length is 3 meters, the width is 30 cm It is woven with silk threads. You can compare the pattern of modern belt and pattern of ancient products - they are almost identical.

Larisa Tarasova, director of the factory, with the first analog Slutsk belts. Photo: Natalya Selezneva (site, the newspaper "Slutskі edge")
Slutsk belt, mid-18th century
Modern Slutsk belt was made ​​for 1 hour. It's fast - in the past people were weaving a belt for several days. In the future, the factory will produce a belt of silver and gold threads. Earlier this belt was worth a few thousand ducats. Compare: a person could buy an estate with a house, a garden and servants - or buy one Slutsk belt.

I think that people will be able Slutsk belts will soon be not only in my country. They can be ordered online.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Minsk Timelapse

This video will show you the main attractions of the Belarusian capital. You will see the Independence Square, the Red Church, the Opera and Ballet Theater, Victory Square, the National Library, Minsk-Arena (lots of Minsk-Arena!), Nyamiha. 

Also, the video will show you Navahrudak Castle and great views of the Belarusian nature. For one second you will even see the Minsk Sea beach. Minsk Sea - this is the second (more common) name of the Komsomolskoe Lake. It is a favorite place of citizens.

Video was made in 2010.

Friday, 1 November 2013


Tomorrow Belarus will celebrate Dziady. It is a day when people pay tribute to dead ancestors - all the generations that lived before us. 

I propose to plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of this day and listen to the song of OSIMIRA. This is the Belarusian Ethnogroup. You will hear the sound a vintage musical instruments, sacred chants. All this will show you how people lived centuries ago. Let's travel back in time!

Прослушать или скачать Osimira Dziady бесплатно на Простоплеер