Thursday, 28 November 2013

Gomel bus station "charms"

A few days ago, I was late for work. Near my home there is a cash machine , I wanted to withdraw money from the card , but that morning ATM doesn't work. I was saddened and decided to buy a bus ticket using a credit card . I was so naive!

I came to the bus and began to look for an ATM. It is located at the entrance to the building. Disappointment awaited me: at the ATM was only large bills . Then I decided to buy a ticket at the box office .I went up to one hand, then another. On all the box office I saw the message " The terminal is not working ." Only one window was clean. But the office was closed!

I wondered when this ticket office opens. The answer shocked me : in two hours ! My bus leaves in 20 minutes, I could not wait two hours . But I could not buy a ticket! Then I went to the information desk station. The woman did not listened to me , she told me to go three blocks to the nearest ATM . I explained that I have no time . The woman then descended to my problem. After 10 minutes, opened the only office, which served credit .But that's not all ! The terminal does not want to work ! Cute girl at the box office explained that it should be adjusted for 5 minutes .

Bottom line: I bought a ticket for a minute to the bus departure .In the evening I returned to the station and took these pictures . You will see beautiful stickers on the windows . Written on stickers "Terminal is not working ." I can not understand why it made stickers with the inscription? Seeing these inscriptions, an intelligent man can understand  that  terminals don't work for a long time (in my opinion, more than a year ) . Manual station commissioned beautiful stickers are firmly glued to the glass. But the inscription on these stickers with the word time. I think if the problem was temporary , it would not have such strong stickers, right?

Gomel bus station: there is no way to pay off credit card. If you are visiting from out of town , if you have a lot of luggage , you will not look for an ATM, you complain to the management station. But it makes no sense to complain . And it's sad .

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