Thursday, 28 November 2013

Soligorsk - Potash capital of Belarus

Last week I was in Soligorsk. It is a city in the Minsk region. Soligorsk is one of the youngest cities in my country. He appeared in 1958 as a working village. On the future site of the city found potash , and therefore there was a settlement for miners. First, people have decided to name the new settlement Novostarobinsk because Starobin-town is very close. But this name did not stick. As a result, the new city was named Soligorsk.
If you travel to Soligorsk, you will see that it is a wealthy city. Its streets are neat and clean, painted houses, expensive cars are in yards. Residents of the city are really richer than the rest of the population because Soligorsk - a city of miners.
But at the same time Soligorsk - a "city without a face". There is no historic center , there are no private sector. You will only see high-rise buildings in the streets. You can hardly find a "flavor" of the city.
50 years ago, people from different countries gathered in Soligorsk , so this city is interesting for its internationality . To be honest, I did not see in shades of Belarusian Soligorsk. The city was still too young and there is no age-old traditions that unite people . All people live on their own, there is no mutual assistance. A lot of time will pass before the people of the city can feel a single entity.

How to get to Soligorsk
Preferred to go by car from Minsk. Look the blue route on the map. You must go to Slutsk. After Slutsk you should focus on Soligorsk.
You can choose a route by train. But he brings a lot of inconvenience. On the map it is marked in gray.

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