Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The first modern Slutsk belt made in Belarus

This belt is made with modern equipment, but it is fully consistent with those belts, which were produced in Belarus before. Belt length is 3 meters, the width is 30 cm It is woven with silk threads. You can compare the pattern of modern belt and pattern of ancient products - they are almost identical.

Larisa Tarasova, director of the factory, with the first analog Slutsk belts. Photo: Natalya Selezneva (site sk.by, the newspaper "Slutskі edge")
Slutsk belt, mid-18th century
Modern Slutsk belt was made ​​for 1 hour. It's fast - in the past people were weaving a belt for several days. In the future, the factory will produce a belt of silver and gold threads. Earlier this belt was worth a few thousand ducats. Compare: a person could buy an estate with a house, a garden and servants - or buy one Slutsk belt.

I think that people will be able Slutsk belts will soon be not only in my country. They can be ordered online.

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