Saturday, 30 November 2013

Top 5 places in Belarus, which every tourist must visit

1. Look at Minsk bird's-eye view and buy a 'unique' badge on the subway
National Library of Belarus is one of the attractions of Minsk. Height - 73 meters, the shape - rombokubooktaedr. The library has an extensive book collection. Also the building is used as a tourist destination - an observation deck is located on the 23rd floor. Climb it is possible, using high-speed elevator. Evening and night hours until the entire building is illuminated and has an exclusive dynamic images. To look at Minsk bird's-eye view, you have to go down to the subway and get off at the station "Vostok".

Why Belarus badge is so interesting? He pink color and is popular with collectors from around the world. Minsk subway annually loses a large amount of coins. Tourists they take away with them as souvenirs.

2. See the living symbol of Belarus
Under the living symbol we mean bison. He is the most recognizable symbol of a country that prides itself on Belarusians. Even the symbol of the World Hockey Championship 2014 in Minsk selected bison named "Volat." Bison everywhere - from small to huge on souvenirs on billboards. All these beauties basically live in the world famous "Belovezhskaya Pushcha".

3. Visit Niesvizh and Mir castles
Nyasvizh is 120 kilometers from Minsk in Brest. Nyasvizh Radziwil castle has been recently restored and now hosts. Construction of the castle was started 600 years ago, for 300 years was the seat of the dynasty Radzivil. Located in the UNESCO Heritage.

Mir is 80 kilometers from Minsk. At the entrance Mir Castle is visible - another residence Radzivil. The castle is in the Gothic style, was built even before Nyasvizh.

4. Visit "Belarusian Maldives"
Belarus has "Belarusian Switzerland" - Logoiski area with several ski resorts. More recently, we found that the owners are a wonderful place called "Belarusian Maldives." What's this? This chalk career. Unique attraction. What is it? Clear water, beautiful beach. All this grandeur attracts hundreds of tourists. It is here stop to arrange a photo session. How to get there? Train Minsk-Grodno, get off at Krasnoselsk.

5. Shoot a weapon of WWII and pay homage to heroes
The main historical attraction in Belarus - Brest Fortress. This memorial is dedicated to the courage of the soldiers who resisted more than a month to the enemy. Upon entering through the "star" people hear the metronome and radio address, "Arise, great country!".

In 2005 the historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line" was inaugurated. What's this? Open-air museum, where visitors can get acquainted with military equipment, to try soldier's porridge and make an unlimited number of shots of old weapons. Individual stakeholders can enjoy a Soviet tank. Charge entrance fees.


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  2. Thank you for your blog. I've just come back from Belarus. It's an amazing country. I'm still impressed.

    1. Thank you for kind words about my country.

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