Monday, 30 December 2013

Volgograd. I grieve (updated)

What is happening in our world?
What is the fault of women and children?
How can a man kill the elderly and infants? For what, Lord???

Glory?? Honor and respect??? Belief in the immortality of the soul and the ability to go to heaven? ?? What the mind of a person who is able to commit a terrorist attack?

I'm shocked. Volgograd... the whole town has scared now.

But people are fighting against terrorism. Immediately after the first explosion ordinary citizens rushed to rescue the victims. They knew the dangers, they understand the complexity of the situation. But people have not stopped. They are heroes. As a young cop, he saw a woman bomber and shielded her with his body. He died, but he saved many lives.

I'm scared. I am a teacher, I am afraid that not taught the children. I am afraid that the children will grow cruel and evil, because internet is full of cruel comments. They call for violence, to take decisive action. And I'm afraid.

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  1. It doesn't matter if it is money, politics, religion or something other. One of our poet wrote about demons, which are in everyone. Evil is in every man and woman, but not in everyone it goes to voice. In Volgograd it went...