Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 was coming!!

I congratulate all my readers!
This video is a gift to you. Chuck Norris wishes in Belarusian))


  1. How can the new year be more awesome with Chuck Norris greeting you a Happy New Year in a strange language you actually don't know what really he is saying haha.
    -Expat Tax Center

    1. Of course, we, Belarusians live in caves and don't know foreign languages. Of course, we never read Shakespeare in the original)))

      I gave you the opportunity to hear my native language. It was the Belarusian translation of "Hamlet." It was a bit funny, wasn't it?

      When I first saw this ad (in the original), I laughed for a long time. My grandmother and my English teacher were best friends, so I know this passage from my childhood.