Sunday, 26 January 2014

Belarusian folk song "Ciacze wada w jarok"

This song is one of the most popular in Belarus. I think everyone in my country knows the beginning of the song and every second can sing it to the end.

The song tells about a young girl who stands near the creek. Narrow and thin boards deployed across the creek, and the water flooded them. Girl looking through the eyes of her boyfriend, but he did not come to the meeting. Then the girl scoops of fresh water from the stream and carries her boyfriend home. But the guy doesn't drink this water. He says that water is mesmerized. He recognizes the girl in love and calls her his betrothed. 

Polish singer Anatoliy Borovik sang this song very melodic and beautiful.

But if you want to plunge into the atmosphere of folklore and ethnically closer to the Belarusian people, then see this video. Ordinary Belarusian women sing a song for the guests of the village.

In fact, this song has a fast tempo, and classical performance you can see in this video. As you can see the same song can be played in different ways. I hope you enjoy the versions of this folk song.

And finally. Two ordinary men perform the song at their home. YOU MUST SEE THIS VIDEO! Men sang very positive and fun. Believe me you will smile when you'll hear this variation of song))) And I think that this variation is the best of all!!!


  1. A dla mnie najlepiej to i tak nasza Bielska MAŁANKA wykonuje tą piosenkę ;-) Ale twoje wersje też fajne.

    1. Nie znalazłem tej wersji. Nie można podzielić linkiem?

    2. Nie wiem czemu, ale mój wpis zniknął...

      Linku do ww. piosenki nie mam, ale dam do innej równie pięknej, wykonywanej też przez MAŁANKĘ: