Sunday, 26 January 2014

Belarusiand and Russian band BI-2

I'm starting a series of articles about Belarusian musicians who are famous not only in Belarus. I will make special labels for each of the groups, so that you can easily find all publications. 

Today I begin a story about a band "BI-2". The band was formed in 1985 in Minsk, Belarus by two teenagers, Aleksandr "Shura" Uman and Igor "Lyova" Bortnik, who were amateur actors. Initially the band's name was "Bratya po Oruzhiyu" (Brothers in Arms), which was formed in 1988, then "Bereg Istini" (Shore of Truth), which resulted in abbreviation BI-2. This word Lyova and Shura begun to use as their scenic names, and Shura eventually changed his passport surname to Bi-II.

Musicians became famous in 1999 in Russia. They recorded the soundtrack to the film "Brother 2". This is a cult film of Russian cinema.

I suggest you watch the 3 video of this band. The first two have English subtitles, and the third is the best video of this group, according to many musicians and fans.




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