Thursday, 27 February 2014

Belarus in the world movies. Top 10

I wanted to write this article for a long time . But every time something stopped me . And now I'm finally doing this : I 'm writing an article about Belarus in movies.

It turns out that my country is very popular in European countries and around the world too. It is often referred to in the movies . Here I will tell you about the most famous of them.

Read this top 10 to the end please! I put the most interesting in the bottom of the article.

1. Want to buy a warhead ? Just visit Minsk)))
John Travolta in Fishsword says that he can buy nuclear warheads in Minsk. When Belarusians watch this video warheads phrase often heard in radio stations. Thanks to the creators of the film, we laughed!

2. Belorussian mafia
In the movie "The Tourist"  Reginald Shaw has mercenary assassins. Throughout the film, these mercenaries speak Belarusian. 

3. Mouse giant from Minsk
In a very old cartoon "An American Tail ", which was produced by Spielberg, all the New York's cats scared huge mouse from Minsk

4. Supernatural Belarus
I noticed a few mentions of my country in the TV series "Supernatural". Angel Castiel (in season 6) brings the protagonists of the night field. He says that they are in Belarus. In season 8 creators again mention Belarus. Series move us to Vitebsk in 1942. I understand that Vitebsk was almost completely destroyed in that time, but it is a big city and there can not be just a few wooden buildings (as shown in the series)

5. Expendable Belarus
In the movie "The Expendables 2" one of the characters admits that he is Belarusian. I watched this film in the cinema. All the audience cheered and whistled at this phrase.

6. Belarus Holmes
In the British TV series "Sherlock" detective came to Minsk to interrogate the prisoner. My brother and I watched this series and smiled. Ragged walls, dark background, cold, Belarusian flag on the wall... Welcome to a typical prison in Belarus))) You see light metal chairs. They have been recently used and are never used in gyms and (of course) in prisons. Prisoner wears an orange uniform ( as in America ).

7. Belarus. Dzerzhinsk. Vitebsk colony
In the movie "The Condemned"(2007) the action takes place on a desert island. The first character of the film - Belarusian. Letters appear on the screen - "Belarus. Dzerzhinsk. Vitebsk colony". Meanwhile, 322 kilometers separates Dzerzhinsk and Vitebsk.  You can see few Slavic people in the colony. I understand that the film was shot in the U.S. and the director was hard to find Slavs for extras, but this scene in Belarus was held under the loud laughter of spectators. Besides colony guards wear cockades that more than 18 years are not used. Belarus changed the emblem and anthem in 1994, but the director did not know it.

8. Jesus saved Belarusians
This is the story of the 13th episode "South Park" (16 series). Belarus - in the central plot line. I liked tractors, farmers and other Belarusian facts. Especially mountains covered by snow ))) Thanks to the creators, I laughed a lot.

9. Belarusian friends
Lisa Kudrow, an American actress, has Belarusian roots. Her ancestors were born in the Belarusian village of Ilia. I was six times in this village. It is very big and beautiful. A very beautiful Catholic church is in this village. So Phoebe is very proud of her Belarusian roots!

And finally...
10. Tom Hanks became a woman!!!
Most cool incident occurred with the movie "The Terminal". The film's protagonist Victor Navorski can not return to his native Krakoziya and remains in the U.S. airport. At customs, Victor shows his driver's license. If you look at the English inscription, it is correct. But any  Belarusian will laugh because this document is for woman. Her name is Gulnara Nadyrovna Gulina, she is from Gomel. When the movie "The Terminal" was featured in Belarus, our journalists found interesting information. This woman really lived in Gomel, but in 1999 moved to the United States. Nobody knows how license got to American director. Nobody knows why the director did not invite an interpreter. But this film Belarusians will remember for a long time )))

Of course, the list of films can be extended . But I'll stop. You know the most interesting cases.

By the way, my readers help me find new information about Belarus in foreign films and television series.
Ahmad AffendyThis is so cool! Also just to mention, even though it's a TV series, Agents of Shield has an episode set in Belarus. It was a bit of a let down that the town, Zloda, was entirely fictional, but it was nice to see Belarus gaining some spotlight.


  1. Thank you!! Very interesting article! Now I want to watch or re-watch these movies! :)

  2. This is so cool! Also just to mention, even though it's a TV series, Agents of Shield has an episode set in Belarus. It was a bit of a let down that the town, Zloda, was entirely fictional, but it was nice to see Belarus gaining some spotlight.

    1. Thank you very much ! I added your information to my post and even found screenshots)

    2. The driving where the Zloda label appears is made in Sweden as you can see before the image you've attached here, there is a Swedish flag in the top right corner, and the road signs is Swedish. The only thing they have done is to add a Belarusian license plate to the truck

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