Sunday, 2 February 2014

Belarusians are not afraid of the frosts

The last week of January was very frosty. The temperature dropped to -28 degrees Celsius. Frosts made ​​me wear a hat. And the hood too))) But the kids had fun this week: they were pining for snow, for real winter. So boys and girls, and adults were so happy. Snow and cold are excellent chance for skiing!
There is a very steep descent to the river in Chalč and deep ravine with good slopes there for school. Every winter, the local kids conquer these hills on sleds. Three years ago, I took the risk and moved down the slope of the ravine. It was very scary, because angle was about 70 degrees. I almost reached the bottom of the ravine, but I saw a baby on my way. I turned and ran into the bush! At high speed! I didn't hurt, of course, but it was very fun. Since then I have not descended from the hills)))

You will see the rest of Minsk residents in the coldest days. Photos taken from the site

And finally,  I loaded these photos  for 5 hours! Imagine that! So now I'm going to bed((

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