Friday, 14 February 2014

Sad Valentine's Day

I'll tell you a story that happened in my school this morning. A little boy drew a beautiful Valentine card. The teacher asked him: "Who will get this card? Maybe the most beautiful girl in the class?"  - "No, - said the boy, - I will give it to my mom."

A beautiful story, is not it? But it has a very sad taste. 

The boy have been in a social shelter since the beginning of autumn. The child's mother only once came to him. She's busy: she drinks alcohol in very large quantities with different men. The eldest daughter lives in Gomel social shelter, the two younger children are in Rechitza and the boy lives in my village. Two weeks ago, the woman gave birth to another child. She left him in the emergency room and ran away from the hospital. She hurried home because  three friends and her new lover were waiting for her. The woman is a citizen of another country, she does not care about their children. Now welfare authorities concluded to deport motner and her children out of the country. What's next - no one knows.

The greeting carg was very beautiful. But the boy's mother did not get it.

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  1. Very sad... By one year I was volunteer in club for children from poor (but not pathological) families, but chief of this club organised also summer and winter camps for children from local orphanage.
    We can't change all world, but love can change me, you and every single man and woman. If You want change the world - start from yourself.
    Greetings from Cracow :)