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Chechersk is a small town in 70 km to the north of Gomel.

The town of Chechersk was first mentioned in chronicles in the 12th century. It is situated near the confluence of the River Chechera and the River Sozh. This territory was chosen for inhabitance as early as in ancient times. The town was probably founded at the site of an ancient hamlet, which grew into a settlement with planned structure, typical of the towns of the 12-13th centuries.

In September 2004 Chechersk celebrated its 845th anniversary. Alexander Pushkin visited the town on his way from exile, Ekaterina II participated in opening of the Saint Transfiguration Church, and at a later date she also met here with Count Rumiantsev. Nikolai II also visited Chechersk. Chechersk Count Zakhariy Chernyshov even established a serf theater at the town hall.

 I visited the city twice and I want to tell you about my experiences. 

What you should look into Chechersk? 

You must to see the town hall. It is very unusual. Five town halls remained in Belarus but in Chechersk Hall has the most unusual. It has five towers, that are made of wood. 

Go to the town hall. Local History Museum is located here. Tickets are very cheap - 5000 rubles. You will see many beautiful icons in the museum. Icons were collected from empty villages (many villages were displaced due to the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant) 
Visit the observation deck on the fourth floor of City Hall. Beautiful view of the city and the river Sozh opens here. You make a lot of interesting pictures. Unfortunately, I could not get on the deck both times. The first time we took the time to view, and the second time was a heavy rain. But I hope that soon I will again get to the city and visit the observation deck. 
Transfiguration Church is another landmark Chechersk. This is a very beautiful building. 

The wooden baptismal church is located next to the temple.

The palace and park ensemble of the estate of Count Chernyshev preserved in the city. The palace was built in the early 19th century. The palace and park ensemble of the estate of Count Chernyshev preserved in the city. The palace was built in the early 19th century. Catherine II visited this estate, and widow of Count Chernyshev regaled the Empress with tea on the balcony.

The distillery is located near the palace. Liqueur factory is now building the distillery.
How to get to Chechersk? 
From Gomel you can get into Chechersk by bus or car. You should follow the signs that show on Minsk. When you left the road E95 (M8), drive straight. Then turn right (P38).

From Minsk you can get into the city by car. You must go on the road M5 and ride through the town of Bobruisk, after you roll up to the road P43 and reach Rogachev. After Rogachev  go straight a bit and then turn onto the R38.

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