Sunday, 6 April 2014

Agro and Eco Tourism

Since hotel industry in Belarus is pretty poorly developed - I'm not sure if there are any hotels rated above three stars - lately a so called agro-tourism is becoming popular. Agro-Tourism is when a native person or local of the area offers tours to their Agriculture project to allow a person to view them growing, harvesting, and processing locally grown foods, such as coconuts, pineapple, sugar cane, corn, or any produce the person would not encounter in their home country. Often the farmers would provide a home-stay opportunity and education.

Mushroom hunting, gathering wild berries and medicinal plants with experts are some ways to spend time on such tours.

The thing is that there is pretty much no private land in Belarus. You can camp in any forest, lie down and dream in every meadow, swim in every lake. Some general common sense fire hazard and nature conservation rules apply and that's it. Agro tourism allows you to live in Belarusian village - out there in nature. You get to eat simple Belarusian peasant food, perhaps even help in the fields or with cattle. This takes you from 21st century into 18th within a day. Forget SMS :)

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  1. Hi there, Alena. I'm starting a project in Lithuania and wanted to get in touch with you to talk about it. How can I get in touch? Thank you. Tom

    You can contact me on: oneloftvilnius (@) gmail dot com