Saturday, 19 April 2014

DiDuLa's guitar

DiDuLa is one of the musicians who is in great demand on the post-soviet territory where for some last years there were on the thousands of sell-out performances.

DiDuLa is a composer and a sound-producer as well of his own music. He is a founder of a modern instrumental genre in Belarus. DiDuLa found his own style of guitar playing different from any one, his own manner, his own choreography. There is no example like his creative work in the guitar-playing world.

His concert-performance is a serie of sound, light, dance, beautiful melodies and the most powerful positive energy. And all this DiDuLa is creating with no single word during whole show.

DiDuLa has recorded and issued 16 sole instrument CD. Now DiDuLa's MP-3 music is being sold round the world.

DiDuLa - Aisedora

DiDuLa - Arabica

DiDuLa - Spain

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