Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fantastic pictures of Yazep Drozdovich

Yazep Drozdovich this Belarusian painter. He lived the first half of the 20th century. He was born in a poor family, he studied at the art school in Vilnius. Created cycles of paintings "The nature of Belarus", "Polotsk land", "Scorina." I like many of his paintings. Futuristic paintings occupy a special place in the art. His paintings stagger the imagination. Just look them up and understand me.

This is a link to a site dedicated to the works Drozdovich: You can see all pictures of the artist on the site. I will post below only some of them.

Near the Copernicus Crater (An Eyrie). 1932
Cosmos. 1943
Landscape Under the Rings of Saturn (Saturland). 1931
The Nature of the Moon. Drained Crater. Brook Crater with Cascades and Coniferous Palm Trees. 1947
Psaltery player. 1940
Francysk Skaryna. 1927
Virgin Forest Haradoĺsky. 1926
Drawing without a title. 1925
Native Land. Puńki Estate. 1922
Mount Haravatka. 1952
Carmelites Church and Cloister. 1925
Navahrudak. View of the Church from the Castle Mount. 1928

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