Friday, 9 May 2014

Krambambulya - Guests))))

This song is very well suited to today's event - the opening of the championship. This is a very fun song and very funny clip, too.

Description of the song:
1. Guests arrived in Belarus from different countries.
Chorus: guests, guests, visitors, ( no one knows what they are doing in our country )
2 . We took men to the war museum, and we led women in cafe cappuccino. Women do not want to drink cappuccino and men stole guns from the museum. Men say they are useful to drink brew.
Chorus is the same
3. Guests love brew, people have good taste. Because tequila, rum and whiskey  it is globalization. Well... It's time to leave , you will now wait for us to visit and cook Cointreau and Drambuie
Chorus is the same
Postscript. Belarusian athletes starred as foreign visitors.

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