Thursday, 15 May 2014

New urban tradition in Minsk

Minsk has acquired a new tradition. It appeared recently - a few days ago. Foreign tourists arrived in Minsk on the IIHF World Championship. They saw the monument merchants near the city hall. Someone put the bill on the monument. Then another man repeated it. And now small bills are hanging on the monument. Tourists say they leave money to return to Minsk.

Residents of the city began to touch the coins in the hands of a merchant. They say it will bring happiness. Also, you should step on the coins on the ground. This can also bring happiness to you.
So the championship has become the cause of a new urban tradition))


  1. Looks very funny! I see coins from EU and another... Is this another (with 10, gold) Belarussian money?

    1. No, Belarus does not have coins. I think it's euros)))