Friday, 9 May 2014

Victory Day

Victory Day - a sacred holiday for my country. Today, children and adults commemorating heroes of the Great War of 1941-1945. We were at the rally today. The whole school, the whole village came together on this day.

Today, visitors come to our village. Our students received a letter from the Russians. People were asked to find their dead relatives. Bloody battles were in Halch at the end of the war, many soldiers were killed and their bodies were buried in the village. This year, two families found their dead grandfathers. At the rally, the grandson of the deceased soldier read a poem about our village, about Halch and Vetka, about Belarusian nation. It was very touching and people were crying.

Indeed , Victory Day unites generations and nations. I congratulate all the blog readers with this holiday. Happy Victory Day! And remember! Through the years, through the ages - just remember!


  1. Are there separate veterans cemeteries or are they buried with everyone?

    1. Yes, they buried whis everyone. Death equates all people. But the red star adorns every veteran's house . People pass by and see these stars. They know who lives in this house and help veterans.

    2. Thank you for your response. In Belarus are the veterans buried in a separate part of the cemetery?

    3. No. As I said, death equates all people.