Monday, 30 June 2014

Gomel bird's-eye view

This is panorama of my city. You can admire the views from different points of Gomel.
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Gomel. Hardscape elements

These pictures were taken by various people in the last two years in different parts of Gomel.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Puzzle "Hata"

Try to to build this puzzle! This is a view of a conventional Belarusian house in Vetka.

Friday, 27 June 2014

"The Weaver-Women of Słucak" - the poem by Maxim Bogdanovich

Today I invite you to get acquainted with the poetry of my favorite Belarusian poet. This is maxim Bogdanovich. He was born in 1891 and lived only 26. But in this short time he managed to do very much. You can go to the Wikipedia's page and read about this poet in more detail. I will not retell his biography here.

Really, Bogdanovich is a great Belarusian poet. His poems have been translated into many languages. Today I invite you to get acquainted with one poem by this poet.

The Weaver-Women of Słucak

by Maksim Bahdanovič

From native home, from native tillage, 
To the Big House, for beauty's sake, 
Luckless girls taken from their village, 
Girdles of woven gold to make. 
Long hours of labour they endeavour, 
Forgetful of their girlish dreams, 
Toiling at the broad weaving ever. 
Where the Persian pattern gleams. 
Outside the walls is smiling tillage, 
The sky shines fair beyond the pane, 
And thoughts go wandering, willy-nilly, 
There where the spring's in flower again. 
There by the rye, in the far distance, 
The cornflowers gleam with azure still, 
And waves of chilly silver glisten, 
Where rivers gush between the hills; 
Dark frowns the forest's jagged verdure, 
And hands, forgetful at the loom, 
Neglecting the designs of Persia, 
Weave in the native cornflower bloom.

You can try to read the Belarusian version of the poem.))

Прослушать или скачать Sluckija tkacychi бесплатно на Простоплеер

Прослушать или скачать Ю. Кудрыцкая Слкцкія ткачыхі бесплатно на Простоплеер

Ad rodnych niu, ad rodnaj chaty
U panski dvor dziela krasy
Jany, biazdolnyja, uziaty
Tkac' zalatyja pajasy.
I ciaham douhija chasiny,
Dziavochyja zabywsy sny,
Svaje shyrokija tkaniny
Na lad piarsidzki tkuc' jany.
A za s'cianoj s'miajecca pole,
Zijaje nieba z-za akna,-
I dumki mknucca mimavoli
Tudy, dzie ras'c'vila viasna;
Dzie blishcha zbozhzha w jasnaj dali,
Siniejuc' mila vasilki,
Chalodnym srebram z'ziajuc' chvali
Miz hor lijuchajsia raki;
Ciamnieje kraj zubchaty bora...
I tche, zabywshysia, ruka
Zamizh piarsidzkaha vuzora
C'viatok radzimy vasilka.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

When I passed the exam ...

Well, when it happened, I went for a walk through the streets of Minsk)))

Saturday, 21 June 2014

My exam

I did not write a blog for a long time. Forgive me, please. But I had a very important reason to be offline. I was preparing for a very important exam. Now I will try to explain this in more detail.
Teachers in Belarus must take certification exams. If a young teacher came to school, he has no experience. His first exam he takes two years later. Thereafter, a teacher called "the teacher of the second category." It is very easy exam. After 3 years, the teacher passes the second test, this test is more complicated. The teacher shows all the things he learned during this time. I handed these two exams at school. After this examination the teacher raises his category with the second to the first.
It takes another three years. If the teacher wants to, he can pass the third exam. But there is a distinctive moments. The first two exams teacher gave in the home school. In order to pass the third exam, the teacher must come to Minsk. The teacher writes a report on its activities, takes two tests. Also, the teacher should think of one hour lesson on the topic, which the examiners will choose for him.
I went to Minsk June 16 and 17. I wrote a report on my educational blog and get good results in tests. The next day I wrote a lesson plan on the subject, which the examiners made for me.
I was very scared. It seemed to me that I would be ashamed of a bad outcome in the exam. Really, I was very scared. Therefore, all of June I visited the library in Gomel and read, read, read ... I saw a dream in which I was sitting in the library and read)))
Now I'm happy I passed the exam!! I was the second success in my group and gained a very high score.
So, now I am called "the teacher of the highest category." And I'll try to write more in the blog. )) Now I have enough time, I'm think.
This is the building of the Academy, where I passed the exams.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Puzzle "Brest Fortress"