Monday, 7 July 2014

Gomel Park in summer

My father came to visit me, he lives with me for two weeks. I showed him the Gomel and branches, we have visited many museums together. My father likes to buy souvenirs, so we spent a lot of time in special shops.
Yesterday we were in the park in Gomel. I took a few pictures there.

Gomel Park greets his guests with flowers. They are so bright that my eyes are tired.

At the crossroads of alleys a man sells clay whistles. They sound very melodic and beautiful.

 Local artist organizes improvised exhibition and sale of his works on a park bench.

In the park we met a musician, he played and sang war songs in a husky voice. But it was very beautiful and people gave the musician a lot of money.

Grandmother with her grandson fed pigeons. These people often come to the park to relax and always sit on this bench.

The park has a souvenir shop where you can buy a lot of gifts for you and your friends. My father bought the old photographs of Gomel

Many squirrels live in the park. Workers made ​​special houses for animals and squirrels love to live there. They are not afraid to visitors and posing for the cameras.

 The cathedral is hidden behind birches.

 This is chapel. It was restored in the last year.

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