Thursday, 10 July 2014

The song "Pahnie chabor"

Piatrus Brouka
All Belarusian schoolchildren know this poem by Piatrus Brouka. What is it about? 

Evening. Sunset. Thyme is smelling. Forest rustling gently and the guy is waiting for his girlfriend. He hearing the easy steps on a narrow path and seeing his love. The girl is fine, she seemed to covered by sparkle stars. But the guy was not able to meet the girl. He never confessed his love for her and many years later recalls that evening and the smell of thyme. "Pahnie chabor" - "The thyme is smelling".

Many Belarusian musicians used this poem for songs. I suggest you watch the two versions of the song. The first song is more fast, it belongs to the Belarusian musician Lyavon Volsky. He invited his fans to sing a song together. People responded to the request and came to the meeting. You can see the clip below. 

The second version of the song is very lyrical and tender. He belongs to a group Spratt. You can also watch the video below.

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