Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dzed Baradzed Song

Many generations of Belarusians remember this song. Every evening, the children watched cartoons in children's television show "Kalyhanka". Song by Dzed often sung in the TV show. Baradzed  told fairy tales and instructive histories in Belarusian language.

Incidentally, the name "Dzed Baradzed" translates as "The Bearded Grandfather".

Influence on the Dzed was very great. I know of several versions of this song by Belarusian musicians. I suggest you watch the original song and its different versions.

I go around the world 
And I look at your live.
If you need help, I will help you. 
I can do everything 
Who am I? I'm Dzed Baradzed. 
I walked around the whole world 
And now, in this quiet evening 
I come to you.

Original version 

Cover 1. Some metal ))
Прослушать или скачать UltraВожык Das Дзед-Барадзед бесплатно на Простоплеер

Cover 2. Some rap ))

Cover 4. Some fun ))

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