Thursday, 14 August 2014

Life on Mars

Road to Mars begins in Belarus. Did you know about that? 
Mars and Jupiter are located in Dzerzhinsk district, Minsk region. You can visit them and bring back as a souvenir unique pictures! Below you see the map, the route marked on it.

Jupiter is close to Mars.
I read in a textbook of the Belarusian language a history of the origin of these names. In the 1920s, near Dzerzhinsk new government divided the land among the peasants. Near the village Kukshevichi people built eight new settlements. Young soldier of the Red Army was the chief of the local collective farm, he came up with the names of these villages. The first six new villages got plant names - Grushevka, Ryabinovka, Orekhovka, Osinovka (from the Russian word grusha - pear, ryabina - ash, oreh - walnut,osina -  aspen)... But then the soldier realized that his name were so boring. The young man decided to give interesting names ostavshimya villages. Since Mars and Jupiter appeared in Belarus.

In each of the villages live by seven people, it is mainly the elderly

You can visit these places. But you should know that is not a good road leads to Mars and Jupiter. Probably a bad way - it's a disaster of some Belarusian villages. I will post photos taken by journalists below. And I invite all tourists to visit these amazing places!