Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mysterious Lake Svityaz

Lake Svityaz is located in Belarus, not far from Novogrudok town. There is very clear water in the lake. And it has almost ideally round form with deep forests around it.

Legend tells that the Svitiaz town  was earlier on this plase.  Prince Turan rules in the town. Once Duke Mindaugas asked Turan help in the war. Turan could not resist and went to Duke Mindaugas, he took all his soldiers. Defenseless old men, women and children were left in the city. When enemies found out about it they attacked Svitiaz. Brave residents fought with the enemy, but the soldiers were very much. People in despair burned their homes and called for help from the gods. Suddenly the whole town fell into the ground, the waves splashed on the streets. They took away the enemies. Residents have been transformed by the gods into flowers. So the townspeople escaped captivity and slavery.

Sanatorium and private hotels are on the lake so you can easily find a place to sleep

How to get to Svityaz

Просмотреть увеличенную карту

Просмотреть увеличенную карту

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