Sunday, 28 September 2014

Authentic Belarus

These photos were taken in different parts of my country. I deliberately did not sign them. You can just look at them and admire the authentic Belarus. This is my culture, it would always be in my heart!

Mogilev: bird's-eye view

Monday, 15 September 2014

Magic beauty of Belarusian nights

All the photos are made by Victor Malyschits, a Belarusian astrophotographer.

Belarus: Embraced by Stars

Welcome to discover Belarus under the starry sky! It's a not large country in Eastern Europe bordered by Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania. Due to northern latitudes we are not able to see the Galaxy center and bright southern constellations. But we have romantic bright summer twilights, long winter nights with plenty of stars, we can observe silver noctilucent clouds and sometimes even auroras. In this short movie you can see Belarusian landscapes, castles and churches in unusual point of view: under the light of the night sky, in embrace of stars.

This video was made by Victor Malyschits, a Belarusian astrophotographer.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Land Under Silver Clouds

One of the most beautiful natural phenomena are misterious noctilucent clouds. These night clouds appear only few times in the summer at very high altitude - about 80 km! Due to this they are illuminated by direct solar rays and seem to a ground observer emitting light themselves. Belarus is situated at ideal latitudes to observe this phenomenon and can be named The Land Under silver Clouds. In this short film all observations of noctilucent clouds in the summer 2013 are shown.

This video was made by Victor Malyschits, a Belarusian astrophotographer.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Chestnuts are blooming in Gomel

I saw the miracle a few days ago. Chestnuts bloom in Gomel. White candle stand out clearly against the background of rusty leaves on the nearby trees. People take pictures of trees, television and newspapers told about it in news. 

Experts say that the chestnuts have blossomed due to the warm weather in September. The temperature in the Gomel is +25 Celsius now. The normal temperature for Sept. is +12  +18. And, most likely, blooming trees will die in the winter. I understand that. But the streets of Gomel look very elegant and festive now.