Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Kniazhytsy. St. Anthony's cathedral

The village Kniazhytsy is situated in the Mogilev region near the highway "Minsk-Mogilev" (15 kilometers from the city). 

A silhouette of massive building towers over the village. The cathedral was built in the late 18th century .... Now about the greatness of the building can be judged only looking at its ruins.

The first church was built of wood (in the late 17th century). Construction of the stone church began in 1750. In 1780 the church was consecrated in honor of St. Anthony.

In 1863 the church was closed until 1872 and remodeled by the Orthodox Church. Three small and one large Orthodox domes were built on top of the church. In my opinion, it spoiled the look of the church.

Throughout the 20th century, an outstanding monument of Belarusian sacral architecture was almost completely destroyed.

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